Meisa Kuroki debuts as singer – Tokyograph

Rising young actress Meisa Kuroki has just made her singing debut in connection with the au Sportio/W62T mobile phones. Her first song is an R&B/dance number called ‘Like This.’ Kuroki will appear in commercials for both phones, and different arrangements of the song will be used for each.

‘Like This’ will see only limited distribution. It became available as a chaku-uta on the 18th, while the full version, the chaku-movie, and the video clip will start selling on the 21st.

(Link: Meisa Kuroki debuts as singer – Tokyograph.)

This’ll probably go down in the “why didn’t we think of this before” category because it’s one thing to have the beautiful Meisa Kuroki in your CM but another (big, huge even 😛 ) thing have it be her debut as a singer. Heck, there’s even a post up at Engadget featuring pics of Meisa (although they’re only writing about the new phone—it is a gadget blog after all).

Sony Music has a website up for Meisa over here with a clip of her new PV for “Like This.” Check it out!

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