New CDJapan Coupon Campaigns! – CDJapan Blog

Geez, my last post here was on May 5 — thirteen days ago! I’ll be posting a lot of stuff to make up for it and here’s the first to go.

If you haven’t been to our top page in a while you might not have noticed CDJapan’s brand new coupon campaigns. We’ve got a great change to one of our previous programs and one brand-new coupon campaign. Now’s the perfect chance to shop because my birthday’s coming in under a month the more you buy, the more you’ll save.

Campaign 1
Receive a 500 yen coupon from CDJapan for every order you place worth over 5000 yen between now and June 30, 2008! How does it work? Just place an order worth over 5000 yen during the campaign period and after we’ve confirmed your order’s shipment we’ll send you a coupon for 500 yen. Order early and order often–you’ll receive as many coupons as you have orders worth more than 5000 yen shipped.

Campaign 2
Have at least 20,000 yen (roughly $200 USD) worth of orders shipped in three months and we’ll send you a coupon for at least 700 yen.

Read the full article here for more info on this great promotion.

CDJapan is my favorite online store for purchasing music and video from Japan. Highly recommended.

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