Yui Aragaki tapped for drama theme song – Tokyograph

Actress Yui Aragaki has achieved her first drama tie-in as a singer. Her ‘Make my day’ will be used as the theme song for Fuji TV’s ’81diver,’ which premieres on May 3.

Aragaki released her first album, ‘Sora,’ this past December. However, ‘Make my day’ will be her first actual single, scheduled to go on sale July 16. It will come with two other songs – an a cappella version of ‘Make my day,’ and a currently untitled song that she wrote the lyrics for.

The single, which features jacket art drawn by Aragaki, will be sold in three editions. One will be CD-only, while the other two are limited first press versions that each come with a DVD. One DVD has the music video for ‘Make my day,’ and the other has footage of her concert at the Nippon Budokan in December.

(Link: Yui Aragaki tapped for drama theme song – Tokyograph.)

The limited first-press CD+DVD edition with the concert footage look worth buying (although it’s not available for pre-sale as of this writing).

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