Update on BEGIN

I received information from CDJapan on an upcoming — yet-to-be-named — single by BEGIN and noticed that quite some time has passed since I last posted an entry on our favorite O-pop band. The new single is set to be released on June 25 and will be the band’s first new release of 2008.

Prior to this upcoming single, BEGIN’s other releases for 2008 include: a concert DVD (“BEGIN Acoustic Concert 2007 Live is Orai” 2/27) and a 2-CD concert album (“BEGIN Live Daizenshuu” 3/26) which is monumental in that it features three songs that were recorded from their appearance in 2004’s Okinawan Festival at Kapiolani Park (Hawaii). That show rocked!

And the final bit of news regarding the trio is guitarist Masaru Shimabukuro’s “shimablog” which he started posting entries on April 11. Hopefully it’ll become more open — as it’s not open to comments nor is there an RSS feed to subscribe to the blog — in the future.

1 thought on “Update on BEGIN”

  1. cool, i wanna check it out, i hope to get the dvd soon, late bday present for myself haha

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