Pretty women: Shiseido’s TSUBAKI ad campaign screensaver

With a tag line that reads: “Nihon no josei wa, utsukushii.” (Japanese women are, beautiful), cosmetics giant Shiseido’s ad campaign for their TSUBAKI shampoo line definitely drives that point home. Featuring several (yes, more than one!) popular actresses, there are ads for TSUBAKI’s Shiro (white) and Aka (red) shampoo product. The one that we’re interested in here at is the Aka version’s CM that features Yukie Nakama and Meisa Kuroki in it. Yukie is the first to appear in the CM and Meisa is the fourth actress but at the end, you’ll find both of them in the center. And while it’s nice to view the CMs online, I bet having something on your Mac/PC would totally seal the deal, right? A screensaver is up on the product’s website and you’ll just have to click on the Download [ダウンロード] button on the bottom to make it yours. (Via 壁紙fan!)

Also check out this entry from the 桜の時 (Sakura no Toki) blog which also includes a bunch of YouTube clips.

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