Yasuo Yoshida’s ‘Jakai’ hits stores on March 23rd


Veteran utasaa (Okinawan folk musician) Yasuo Yoshida has a new album out today titled “Jakai.” Yasuo-sensei is one of the most I’m-happy-to-be-in-the-background-kind of musicians I’ve ever met so I’m quite eager to listen to the album. Many of you who follow shimauta and O-pop (Okinawan pop music) will probably be familiar with his wife, Yasuko Yoshida, of the first generation Nenes who joins him on this album on taiko, sanba and feeshi, along with the couple’s daughter, Izumi on feeshi. Also appearing on the album is Satoshi Kadekaru on keys, Sadao China-sensei on (get this) koto, guitalele, and violin.

The album, from Marufuku Record (FCD-115), will have a total of 13 tracks and is priced at ¥3,000.

(Via Campus Record Staff Blog.)

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