Rankings, rumors, and theme songs

Yeah, we love rankings here at Karkaui.com and maybe an occasional rumor from time-to-time wouldn’t hurt either. So starting with rankings from Oricon, Aya Ueto was ranked #2 for having the most “kissable lips” and fashion-wise, two Uchinanchu ranked for the style that women wanted to copy this spring: Yui Aragaki #2 and tied for #3 among four other women was Namie Amuro — yay!

Although we usually don’t post celebrity rumors here (heck, I had to create a tag for one especially for this entry), ex-DA PUMP member SHINOBU recently made the headlines after having been spotted on a date(?) with actress Hinano Yoshikawa at a yakitori restaurant.

Finally, J-pop group GReeeeN (92 [kuni] is from Okinawa) will have a theme song spot on one of Japan’s popular morning shows, Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi Saturday.”

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