Desktop: The One Pound Gospel (Final)


The drama just wrapped-up and as promised, the official website for “1 Pound no Fukuin” has the last of the show’s wallpapers available for download. As mentioned in our previous post, you may or may not be disappointed by the fact that Meisa Kuroki (or Kazuya Kamenashi from KAT-TUN) is not in any of these wallpapers. Still, if you’re looking to dress-up your Mac/PC desktop with something new (albeit boxing-related), they work pretty well.

(Via 壁紙fan!)

1 thought on “Desktop: The One Pound Gospel (Final)”

  1. Well, they’re probably not allowed to have pictures of Kame or Ryosuke in the wallpapers thanks to how weird Johnny’s about that sort of thing. I’m not sure why there weren’t any of Meisa though.

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