Happy Sanshin Day!


The following is from a 1993 Okinawa Times article:

Keeping tradition alive

Did anyone hear the sound of sanshin on March 4th, or perhaps someone may have played it? The sanshin is a fretless 3-stringed musical instrument very much intertwined with Okinawan traditional music. March 4th was Sanshin Day, which the Ryukyus Broadcasting Corporation has promoted for the playing of the Okinawan classical instrument since 1993. That date was chosen because the word sanshin is also a play on the Japanese words for three-four.

This year various entertainments were held throughout Okinawa.

Many aficionados of Ryukyuan classical music came with their favorite sanshins to the main venue, the Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan City. A great kunkunshi, Okinawan style sheet music five meters by eight, was set up on stage. All played the famous song for celebrations, “Kajadefu,” on a radio broadcast at noon.

In front of the Akainko Shrine in Yomitan Village, about forty members of the Yomitan Cultural Association performed. As the shrine pays homage to Akainko as the father of the sanshin, the performance was conducted in a solemn mood.

A year ago on Karakui, we posted a DotW on the sanshin/shamisen duo RA. We technically have till tomorrow to post something special for Sanshin Day so we’ll try to cook something up tonight. 😉

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