Quick review of Namie Amuro’s “60s 70s 80s” single

Continuing onto 2008 with a very successful 2007, Namie Amuro’s new Triple A-Side single (to be released on 3/12/08), “60s 70s 80s,” is simply amazing so far. The first song, “New Look,” (PV below) samples The Supremes’ hit song from 1964 “Baby Love” to great effect. Hearing the original on the radio yesterday, I found myself humming Amuro’s version of it — it’s that addicting!

The second song — representing the 70s — is called “Rock Steady” and samples Aretha Franklin’s 1971 hit of the same name. Amuro looks really great in the PV and it’s quite entertaining. You may also want to take a moment and stop the PV around the 2:38 mark. For a little fun, check out the song titles and the artist names on the Billboard-like ranking chart. You’ll find good examples of Engrish used there.

“What a Feeling,” the third single, will sample Irene Cara’s hit single “Flashdance… What a Feelin’” from 1983. According to a Wikipedia post on the song, Irene’s version “was the last non-Japanese single to reach #1 on Japan’s Oricon singles chart until Celine Dion’s ‘To Love You More’ in 1995.” I have yet to hear the single or watch the PV but I’m sure it’ll be as good (or even better) than the other two.

“60s 70s 80s” will be Amuro’s 33rd single release which follows last April’s “Funky Town” single and is added to what is becoming quite an impressive discography. All three singles are tie-ins to Vidal Sassoon’s new “Fashion (Patricia Field), Music (Amuro), Hairstyle (Orlando Pita)” ad campaign which is being billed as a collaboration with the three — Amuro is also featured in the CMs.

Check out Amuro’s music at the iTunes Store which has a great selection of her full-albums, singles and EPs. If I remember to, I’ll post a follow-up to this post when “60s 70s 80s” is available on iTunes.

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