TBSK: The next HY / HandMC?

Sorry about the abbreviations in the title folks but can you name all three bands? We’ll start with the popular indie band HY — since that’s what they go by — who are representing their hometown, Higashi Yakena, with pride. (Btw, it’s the band’s choice to remain indie.)

Next is the uber-popular J-mixture band HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, who are signed to a major label and everyone should already be familiar with. (The band also goes by Haikara and H&MC.)

And finally FTW, TBSK also known as Burusuka (ブルスカ), or properly as The Blue Sky Kick’s (the apostrophe s in Kick’s kinda reminds me of pre-MAX group Super Monkey’s). They’ve been around since 2004 and I’m quite surprised that they haven’t been signed to a major label (thus making it easier for folks outside of Okinawa to purchase their CDs). The band’s style is more HY than HandMC but the makeup is identical in that they all write their own material, have a rock sound, have a female lead singer and a male lead singer. Hopefully we’ll see more of them in 2008 in mainstream Japanese media.

On a side but related note, it brings me great pleasure to announce that the band’s record label/management, Climax Entertainment, recently released a bunch of their artists’ PVs on YouTube — and I’m their first subscriber! Yay! Seriously though, checking out the PVs is a good chance to get a head start on artists who may have their big break soon like TRIPLE-P (Love Song), TBSK and/or the cute-like-Aiko-is-cute Mayu Ueta (Cherry Blossom).

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