LINA blogs a picture of MAX

max_via_linas_blog.jpg Just to show that yup, they’re still here (what with their last album having been released a zillion years ago, in like 2006), LINA of MAX blogged this picture of them just before a performance. (Btw, she’s quite the blogger.) They still look great — can’t let Amuro take all the thunder — and the only thing they have for 2008 is a song in a recently released compilation album from their management company called “a special day” (the album is called “SPRING HARMONY,” released 2/13/08). Now if we can only get the SPEED gang together again…

Never heard of MAX? Check out their music at the iTunes Store. Although it’s only available as a partial album from the iTunes Store, I highly recommend their “Jewel of Jewels” album which has a couple of songs that fuse Okinawan minyou (folk music) with their famous Euro beat J-pop. Before you dismiss purchasing it since it’s not available in its entirety, you’re only missing three instrumental songs that are each less than a minute long.

(Link: ライブ直前っ!|MAX LINAオフィシャルブログ.)

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