American Wota 2.0: Market – Stuff For Sale

This looks like a very good idea — especially as an alternative to eBaying stuff — that I may do in the near future. For the Okinawan pop-cutlure connection, you’ll find Amuro VCDs and a Gackt limited edition CD + DVD single on sale among other J-pop goodies.

So here’s some stuff I’ve got for sale. I’ll add stuff as I go along, so check back regularly.

Please add $4 for shipping for every order in the United States; $6 for shipping to other countries.

If you’re interested in buying anything, please e-mail me at and let me know what you want. I’ll let you know if it’s still available and will ship when I receive payment. Preferred method of payment is Paypal, though if I know you very well we can try to arrange something else.

Except for the UFA cards, everything is linked to wiki.theppn to give you an idea of what it looks like. Everything is in good condition, most of it rarely played / watched, but nothing has an OBI strip. If you have any questions, please contact me.

(Link: American Wota’s “Market – Stuff For Sale.”)

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