Second special for “Attention Please” announced – Tokyograph

The 2006 Fuji TV drama series ‘Attention Please’ is returning to television for a second special episode. The series starred Aya Ueto as Yoko Misaki, a young woman training to become a flight attendant. In January of last year, Fuji TV aired the first special, which featured Yoko flying to Honolulu.

This time, Yoko will face new troubles as she flies to Sydney, Australia. The story also involves a major event for the instructor Mikami, played by Miki Maya. Other returning cast members include Saki Aibu, Chihiro Otsuka, and Kotaro Koizumi, though it is not yet clear whether Ryo Nishikido will be back. Yuichi Sato will again be directing.

Fuji TV will broadcast the special at 9:30pm on April 3.

(Link: Second special for “Attention Please” announced – Tokyograph.)

Cool, a second special for Aya Ueto’s “Attention Please.” Actually, I missed both the drama series and the first special so I’m hoping to hop on board for the April special.

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