Oricon: ideal girlfriend – Tokyograph

Yui Aragaki continues to be that special someone we all want as our girlfriend and Aya Ueto is on the list, albeit a couple of doorsteps down at 7th place. Yukie Nakama didn’t rank this time around but maybe that’ll change once “Gokusen 3” airs.

Oricon conducted a special Valentine’s Day survey, asking 500 men which female celebrity they saw as their ideal girlfriend, and would like to receive chocolates from on the special day.

Rising actress Yui Aragaki led the list, followed by Masami Nagasawa, Maki Horikita, and Ai Otsuka. Saki Aibu and Aoi Miyazaki tied for 5th. Aya Ueto ranked 7th, Yuko Takeuchi tied for 8th with Kaho, and Yuri Ebihara was #10. Talento Suzanne was a runner-up, landing just outside the top ten.

(Link: Oricon: ideal girlfriend – Tokyograph.)

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