Aya Ueto to play Japan’s next PM

Okay, the title would’ve been pretty good for an April Fool’s post (yeah, right) but who knows, it may actually become true. (Tune in Twilight Zone music here.)

Aya Ueto to star as lawyer in ‘Hokaben’

Really? No. Really? This makes Legally Blonde look like cinema verite by comparison.

Read the Tokyograph entry here.

(Via International Wota.)

Is anybody out there keeping tabs on the different characters Aya’s played in her young career? Student. Okay, that’s way too easy. Let’s see, I believe she’s played a girl from the 12th century (Yoshitsune), a tennis player (Ace o nerae!), a volleyball player (Attack No. 1), a singer/actress (Misora Hibari Tanjou Monogatari), a cabin attendant (Attention Please), a hotel worker (Hotelier), a stepmother (Abarenbo Mama), and now a lawyer (Hokaben). I probably missed a few so check out her impressive list of films/tv shows over at DramaWiki.

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