Winter 2008 J-drama watch list

I’m a little behind in posting about this since the 2008 winter season already started but it’s not too late to start watching the following Okinawan actors in these J-drama. (Images via DramaWiki.)


“Saito-san” (comedy, family), which just began its run January 9th on NTV, stars Shintaro Yamada (younger brother of Yu Yamada, more on her later) as Masayoshi Yanagawa in a supporting role.


“1 Pound no Fukuin” (romance, comedy) also just started with the first episode having aired on January 12th, stars the beautiful Meisa Kuroki (Nago, Okinawa) as Sister Angela (yes, she’s a nun) in a main role opposite lead actor Kazuya Kamenashi from the J-pop group KAT-TUN.


“Binbou Danshi” (comedy) set to begin its run on January 15th will feature the multi-talented (model/actress/singer) Yu Yamada as Miumi Nakahara in a main role. With her younger brother also starring in a drama this season (both shows are on the same network [NTV] so they won’t be competing against each other in the same time slot), things are looking good for the Yamada family in 2008.

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