Kiroro to resume activity – Tokyograph

Okinawan duo Kiroro announced that they are planning to fully resume activity next month, in time for the 10th anniversary of their major label debut.

The two women both got married in 2005, and Kiroro was put on hold as they each prepared for motherhood. Ayano Kinjo gave birth in November of that year, and Chiharu Tamashiro followed with her own baby three months later. Tamashiro had a second child this past September. The duo performed together once in June for a local event in Okinawa, but their last full concert was in September 2005.

They announced their return on Wednesday, when Kinjo held her first solo show in Tokyo. Tamashiro appeared on stage for the encore, and they performed their debut single ‘Nagai Aida’ together. They revealed that they will continue their careers as Kiroro, starting with a concert at their former high school on January 21, the 10th anniversary of ‘Nagai Aida.’

Tamashiro said she had felt a return was impossible, and had considered disbanding the group. But after consulting with Kinjo, she made up her mind. Tamashiro’s children will remain with her husband in Okinawa when she returns to Tokyo to continue work.

(Via Tokyograph.)

Let’s all be thankful that Chiharu decided against disbanding Kiroro. It’ll be interesting to see how motherhood has changed the way that they’ll project their image as well as the duo’s music.

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