TV: ‘Gokusen 3’ in April 2008

Yankumi, played brilliantly by actress Yukie Nakama, will be returning to the classroom in April 2008 with its third installment. The popular J-drama (pulled in a whopping 32.5% viewership) airs on the Nippon Terebi network which is celebrating its 55th anniversary and hopes to make it big with “Gokusen 3”, returning three years after season two.


16 thoughts on “TV: ‘Gokusen 3’ in April 2008”

  1. i hav e never heard bof her but i do think natalie portman is a really good actress

  2. OMG i love gokusen! I am so looking forward to the third one. Yukie did a great job as yankami. I wish matsumoto could be in her class again.

  3. oh my. FINALLY.
    gokusen 3.
    I wish akanishi & kamenashi came back, though.
    ahh, guess it can’t be helped.

  4. I wonder what celebrities they will use this time besides yukie nakama? Oh they should uses some tohoshinki members that would be sooo awesome! micky yuchun or hero jaejung would be so great for a part! even yunho! i hope the students will be some one popular or handsome! lol n e ways the show is so good season 1 n 2 love those guys but now their just too old for the part 😦

  5. They’ll probably use a Johnny’s Entertainment Boy as the main again. I am looking forward to watching 3 but 2 just got so repetitive and the fights got a bit lackluster.

  6. OMG I really can’t wait for the third one! I hope MatsuJun will still be in here. Even if he’s too old for the part, his face doesn’t age at all. 🙂

    Wow April is coming near. 😀

  7. gokusen 1 and 2 is the best! hope they make a third installment! love it!

  8. yeah JE for sure
    i heard it’s the hey say best guys
    aka yabu, hikari etc
    can’t wait! should be fun :]

  9. hmm.. all i know is that some boys from B.A.D and someone fr hey! say! JUMP! will be acting in it.. together with Yukie Nakama of cos. 😀

  10. HaJiMeMasHiTe!!!

    i ReaLLy LoVe GoKuSeN 1_2_3 its so CoOL…
    I LoVe TaKaKi YuYa And MiUrA HaRuMa.. They Are BoTh LeAdEr In GoKuSeN 3…
    WaAhH.. I CaN NoT wAiT FoR The DvD…
    I ReaLLy LovE To CoLLecT TheM….

    BuT I LiKe Is ThE BoTh CaSt Of GOkUseN 1 And 2 Are In The GokUseN 3…
    eVen If They Are GuEst…
    Its So CooL….
    And I Like NaKama YukIe Have A BoyFriEnd Their….

  11. I wish dat oguri shun (Uchiyama) will be back in gokusen 3 again…
    I admire his job in HANA KIMI… hmp

  12. well the show is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it from the firsts season!!!!!!!!!
    aishiteru!! ogata yamato and kazama ren!!!! whoooo i love it

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