Cocco’s ‘Jugon no Mieru Oka’ links to Okinawa

Being a big fan of Cocco’s art and music, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the tun-tun-ten of a sanshin in her latest single “Jugon no Mieru Oka.” Although that alone is pretty cool in itself, Cocco goes on to sing (at 4:51) lyrics from “Ittaa Anmaa Maakaiga”, an Okinawan warabi uta (children’s song). While the single was limited to an Okinawa-only release, it was later released nationwide on November 21, 2007.

On Cocco’s official website, you’ll find video (a version with English subtitles is also available) that features a short news clip of the two dugongs as well as Cocco’s own explanation during her appearance at the Makuhari Messe for the Tokyo Live Earth concert which features an acoustic version of the song. (It’s the first link under “information.”)

2 thoughts on “Cocco’s ‘Jugon no Mieru Oka’ links to Okinawa”

  1. Thanks for sharing your love of Okinawa. Your site keeps me informed and so proud to be Uchinanchu!

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