Gakky to become next blog queen? – Tokyograph

Popular teen idol/actress Yui Aragaki opened her official blog just over a week ago, but it has already jumped to 2nd in the popularity rankings of celebrity blogs hosted by blogging site Ameblo.

Aragaki is outranked only by Chinatsu Wakatsuki, who has long been at the top of the Ameblo rankings. Other celebrities on the same site include Rie Tomosaka, Saeko, Misako Yasuda, Eriko Sato, and Leah Dizon.

(Via Gakky to become next blog queen? – Tokyograph.)

I’m subscribed to Gakky’s feed and she posts to her blog at least once a day. Fellow celebrity Uchinanchu blogger, Yu Yamada, is also on Ameblo and frequently updates her blog with lots of pics too. Worth checking out and subscribing to.

2 thoughts on “Gakky to become next blog queen? – Tokyograph”

  1. @Idetrorce: Nifee (thanks) for the comment but the title is courtesy of the fine folks at Tokyograph. Their findings are based on a ranking of blogs kept by entertainers on Ameblo where Gakky was ranked at #1 at the time of the post (today, she’s ranked #4).

    Who do you pick as this year’s blog queen (of entertainers from or with connections to Okinawa)? Personally, rankings aside, I think Yu Yamada wins.

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