Music: Toru Yonaha’s 3rd album ‘Utage’ 12/19 release!

Still waiting to see the album cover but that’s beside the point as we finally have a release date for Toru Yonaha’s much-anticipated 3rd solo album: 12/19/07. Titled ‘Utage’ (Party), the album will feature collaborations with artists like Masamune Kusano (from the J-rock band Spitz), Kyogo Kawaguchi (J-pop), Naomi Tamura (J-pop), Kiyosaku (of the punk band Mongol800) Shakari (J-pop), Yasukatsu Oshima (Yaeyama utasaa) and Misako Koja (utasaa) among others. Toru’s last solo album was 2003’s “Shamichiriti.”

“Utage” is available for pre-order at

(Via the Campus Record Staff Blog.)

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