Announcement: TOBE! Uta Sanshin 2007 in Hawaii

On Tuesday, November 27, Ryukyu Koten Afuso Ryu Ongaku Kenkyu Choichi Kai and Afuso Ryu Gensei Kai Hawaii Shibu will present the 14th annual TOBE! Uta Sanshin 2007 in Hawaii and Afuso Ryu Gensei Kai 80th Anniversary Commemorative Performance. The evening show will be held at the Hawaii Theatre and will be the only performance in the State of Hawaii.

This special joint performance will feature over 30 Okinawa and 50 Hawaii performing artists. National Living Treasure of Japan, Choichi Terukina Sensei, Master of classical Okinawan sanshin in the Afuso style of music, along with top Okinawan Dance Masters, Setsuko Tamagusuku, Hideko Tamagusuku, Yoshiko Tanita, and Mieko Kinjo Senseis, will share their talents in traditional and contemporary music and dance pieces.

Please email me at karakuipress[@]gmail[.]com if you’re interested in purchasing tickets for this concert.

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