Film: ‘The Yakiniku Movie: Bulgolgi’ to screen at this year’s LVHIFF

From the LVHIFF 2007 site:

THE YAKINIKU MOVIE is sure to drive LVHIFF filmgoers into a feeding frenzy after the screening! It’s the tale of Hyon and Yonchi, two long lost brothers from Korea reunited in Japan by their passion for barbecue…only to find themselves on opposite sides of the ultimate bulgogi smack down!


Ryuhei Matsuda (NIGHTMARE DETECTIVE, LVHIFF 2006) plays his adopted grandson and apprentice Tatsuji. With the support of perky granddaughter Yori (J-pop sensation and CanCam model Yu Yamada), the family serves working-class folks with a taste for sizzling hot mino and harami (otherwise known in English as entrails and organs)! […]

This film is a good chance to see Yu Yamada on the big screen. She can also be seen on the small screen — as Makiko Yasuda (who goes on to become Ginpei’s wife) on the J-drama “The Grand Family” — every Sunday night on KIKU-TV. ‘Bulgolgi’ screens on Saturday, October 27, 2007 at 1PM.

Here’s a link to the official film site (in Japanese).

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