Music: Kariyushi58 to release their 1st full album

Mark your calendars, Kariyushi58, a three-piece band from Okinawa, will release their first full album “Soro soro, kariyushi” on October 23, 2007. The 13-track album, featuring the hit singles “Anmaa” and “Te to Te”, will be an indie music release from LD&K Records. Check out the group’s PVs on YouTube. [Via]


  1. Do you know the names of Kariyushi58’s band members? I have them here in Japanese but don’t know how they are pronounced. 前川真悟, 新屋行裕, and 中村洋貴…Thanks

  2. @Tiffany: Here are the names in romaji of the Kariyushi58 band members.
    前川真悟 (Maekawa, Shingo) – Vocals/Bass
    新屋行裕 (Shinya, Yukihiro) – Guitar
    中村洋貴 (Nakamura, Hiroki) – Drums

  3. Hi,

    I was wondering, do you happen to know the name of Kariyushi58’s new guitar player (in romaji)? …Thanks

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