Yuri Chinen stays on in Hey! Say! 7

On Monday, Johnny’s Jimusho held a press conference to announce the formation and debut of a new unit, named Hey! Say! JUMP (short for Johnny’s Ultra Music Power). The group is the largest Johnny’s act in history, featuring 10 members in all.

JUMP is an expansion of the Hey! Say! 7 unit that formed earlier this year. Five members have been added, and the lineup has been split into two sub-units. Hey! Say! Best will consist of the five high schoolers: Kota Yabu, Yuya Takaki, Kei Inoo, Hikaru Yaotome, and Daiki Arioka. The younger members will become the new Hey! Say! 7, consisting of Yuto Nakajima, Keito Okamoto, Ryosuke Yamada, Yuri Chinen, and Ryutaro Morimoto. Together, the members of JUMP have an average age of 15 years old.

[Via Tokyograph.]

Yuri Chinen is the son of Okinawan-born Olympic gymnast Takashi Chinen.

10 thoughts on “Yuri Chinen stays on in Hey! Say! 7”

  1. Hi hey hey say you are so cute but the most cute is yuto and yamda.


    kimberly thao

    p.s. i love japene boy because they sing good then girl and they look cute and hot.

  2. hello my name is yaz my from is Mexico i like the music japan and much HEY SAY

    I LOVE
    yuuri chinen, yuto nakajima. yamada ryosuke, yuya takaki ,arioka daiki

  3. konnichiwa .
    chika sedih nih . coz yamada suka cwe yg putih n berhidung mancung . hiks
    beda ngt ma chika . sedih sangat

  4. hello
    I love yuri chinen very much actually he is one my favorite
    but i am just curious if he is a gay because i saw a picture of him in paparazzi holding a cellphone and a mcdo plastis that photo was kind a gayish thing and he is also fond on sitting on the laps of his hsj members can somebody answer my question if he is really a gay?

  5. i am curious too but i hope hes not!!! i hope he is just one of those guys who make people laugh by saying weird things like my friend nick.

  6. i don’t think so, he ‘s just like a child. With his cute point, i belive he will have a girlfriend soon

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