Gackt gets ready to launch in 20 countries – Tokyograph

In October, Gackt will be making some of his releases available to 20 countries in North America and Europe.

On the 19th, his two DVDs “THE GREATEST FILMOGRAPHY 1999-2006” (“~RED~” and “~BLUE~”) will be released simultaneously in the U.S. and Canada. These North American editions will reportedly include English lyrics he wrote for the songs.

Then on the 26th, his album “DIABOLOS” will go on sale in 18 European countries, followed by his previous live performance DVDs.

Furthermore, his entire solo discography of 201 songs will be made available through iTunes in 22 countries, starting on October 17. Together with his album and DVD, Gackt’s music is being introduced to a total of 36 nations.

Gackt mentioned that he would like to perform an international tour in the future.

(Link: “Gackt gets ready to launch in 20 countries” – Tokyograph.)

This is great news to Gackt fans outside of Japan and to J-pop/rock fans in general. Both of Gackt’s DVDs are available for pre-order at Be sure to check out my post on artists who are currently available on iTunes too. 😉

2 thoughts on “Gackt gets ready to launch in 20 countries – Tokyograph”

  1. cool, gotta add that to my list of things i want hehe, its getting quite large LOL
    have a great week

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