TV: NHK’s ‘SONGS’ featuring BEGIN

BEGIN will be the featured artist on NHK’s ‘SONGS’ music program, the show’s 17th episode. The episode will air in Japan on 2007.9.5 (Wed.) and in the U.S. on 2007.9.12 (Wed.) via TV Japan. Check out your local listings for the time in your area (in Hawaii, it airs from 6:10-6:40pm). NHK should have the song list up by this weekend.

2 thoughts on “TV: NHK’s ‘SONGS’ featuring BEGIN”

  1. Hi, I don’t think I’ve commented before but I’m a fan of your blog. Sorry to make a totally offtopic comment like that, but do you happen to know any place where I could buy sanshin strings and have shipped to Europe?

  2. @ Andreas: Haisai! Thank you for the comment. 🙂 Check out Sanshin Matsuda’s online store ( and email to let them know that you’re interested in ordering sanshin strings (chiru チル) from them (you’ll find the strings here: They accept payment via PayPal too. Let me know if you need any help with the order process: karakuipress [at] gmail [dot] com.

    The string sets cost ¥300 so you’ll probably have to buy a bunch of them or add other things to your order.

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