El Okinawa Goes YouTube and We Love It!

El Okinawa, known as being a great online (although they also have a brick-and-mortar store near Kokusai-dori) resource for purchasing Okinawan instruments has just started posting instructional clips up on YouTube about a month ago. Besides the how-to on attaching a guitar strap to your sanshin, they also have a clip on the correct way to hold your bachi (plectrum) and one on stringing your sanshin.

8 thoughts on “El Okinawa Goes YouTube and We Love It!”

  1. hey, okinawa festival is a hop and a skip away 🙂 yay,
    do you know how much it would cost for a sanshin with shipping and handling and everything, i kinda want to get into it in the future but not sure when 🙂

  2. Haisai Ray!

    It’ll probably be better to try and get one over here in Hawaii. If you want to go the internet route, you’ll probably have to get a “jinku-gawa” (synthetic-skinned) sanshin. Lark in the Morning has sanshin for sale in the U.S. but you can also try contacting Sanshin’s Matsuda (www.e34ya.com) since they have experience in shipping sanshin. Another option would be to check eBay.

  3. Oh, and for cost of the sanshin with s+h, I think you may be looking at spending around $500. When you’re ready to purchase one let me know so that I can ask around to see if there are any for sale on the island. 🙂

  4. ok thanks for the info, it will be a while before i actually try to get one but i will definitely let you know,
    mahalo much Ray

  5. @Ji.: Perhaps the best place is the HUOA office located in Waipio Gentry. They have a library in the office that has books on the sanshin as well as information on the different sanshin schools available in Hawaii. Feel free to email me at karakuipress[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any questions.

  6. Well, I certainly dont live in Hawaii. I am asking because ordering straight from Japan is too expensive (i think) plus I dont understand much Japanese.

    So since you mentioned earlier that there are Sanshin muscisians in Hawaii, I thought you would know if there was a Sanshin shop or similar in Hawaii and I really hope there is because ordering from Japan might be a little hassle.

    So if you know anything, please do tell me.


  7. Oh wow, Sanshin schools in Hawaii, USA thanks.

    I have a Sanshin but just in case I need strings or pegs.

    But yeah, please tell me anything that you might know.


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