Yukie Nakama and Aya Ueto are Japan’s CM Queens

Nakama’s still the CM queen: Video Research Ltd. has published its mid-year report on TV commercials, which includes a section measuring celebrities’ exposure. On top of the list is actress Yukie Nakama, continuing her streak as ‘CM queen’ since 2005.

In the Kanto region, Nakama had a total of 6,175 commercial broadcasts, adding up to more than 1,600 minutes on the air. By comparison, second-ranked Satoshi Tsumabuki had just under 5,000 broadcasts. Takuya Kimura was #3.

In the Kansai region, Nakama’s commercial count was around 5,300, for a total airtime of over 1,400 minutes. In second place was Masami Nagasawa, with about 500 fewer ads shown. Actor Toshiaki Karasawa ranked third.

As in previous years, however, Nakama was unable to reach #1 in the Nagoya region. This year, Aya Ueto beat her by 200 broadcasts and 70 minutes. Nakama edged out Nagasawa for second place by only about half an hour of airtime.

Nakama currently appears in 11 different commercials for companies such as KDDI and Shiseido.

[Via Tokyograph.]

The CM clip above for Pocky is one of her older ones but still funny.

2 thoughts on “Yukie Nakama and Aya Ueto are Japan’s CM Queens”

  1. That video is hilarious. And Pocky tastes pretty good, too. 😛

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