In Hawaii: Miiuta Taishou Winner Takayuki Oshiro [Unconfirmed]

Last year, one of my favorite upcoming utasaa, Akane Murayoshi, came to Hawaii as part of Radio Okinawa’s annual Miiuta Taishou Grand Prix winner’s prize. This year’s (the 18th annual) grand prix winner is Takayuki Oshiro (his nickname is ‘Ootaka’ おおたか) who will be performing his winning composition, “Sakasanaya∼”. The YouTube clip above is Ootaka performing the song “Futamijouwa” with Iijima (Ie Island) beauty Kozue Chinen (who incidentally was also in this year’s Miiuta contest so who knows?). It’s pretty much a guarantee that he’ll be performing but his name isn’t on the program yet so I’m labeling this as “unconfirmed.” The Miiuta Taishou Grand Prix winner is scheduled to perform on Saturday, September 1, 2007, at 12:55pm in Kapiolani Park for this year’s Okinawan Festival.

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