In Hawaii: Hanayakara, Ryusei Daiko & Naha Daiko

The girls of the group Hanayakara are so cute and talented that they could possibly be thought of as the Okinawan version of the popular J-pop group Morning Musume. Hanayakara will be performing in Hawaii at 2pm on Friday (8/31/07) at the Ala Moana Shopping Center’s Centerstage and at 4:05pm on Saturday (9/1/07) at the Okinawan Festival.

Also performing at the Okinawan Festival will be eisaa groups Ryusei Daiko (Sat. 9/1/07 at 4:50pm) and Naha Daiko (Sat. 9/1/07 at 3pm and Sun. 9/2/07 at 5:10pm).

1 thought on “In Hawaii: Hanayakara, Ryusei Daiko & Naha Daiko”

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