A TV Season Like No Other

I’m not sure how many of you may recall a time (in the ’90s) when the J-pop scene was filled with artists from Okinawa from Namie Amuro to SPEED. Although you’ll still find Namie, ORANGE RANGE and Haikara at the top of the J-pop charts, it’s definitely far from what it used to be. So it comes as quite a surprise to look at the 2007 summer lineup of TV dramas from Japan and find that there’s an actor/actress from Okinawa in seven, yes seven (and that’s not counting an actor, born in Tokyo, who I can’t verify as being linked to Okinawa but that name…), of them. Below is a list with the drama and the actor/actress who is starring in it (links via DramaWiki):

Isn’t this awesome? And to think that we still have actors (Gori) and actresses who are not in dramas this summer: Yukie Nakama, Aya Ueto, Takako Uehara (SPEED), Yu Yamada and Meisa Kuroki.

3 thoughts on “A TV Season Like No Other”

  1. Thanks for this post, Richie. I saw Yui Aragaki on TV last night, but I didn’t know all these other Uchinanchu were currently appearing in other dramas – and I live in Japan! Guess I’m gonna have to watch a little more TV.

    I agree with you. This is awesome. It’s always a pleasure for me to read about successful fellow Okinawans.

  2. Long time no read, Mark. 🙂 With four more days (episodes) to go, I’m totally loving the drama with Yui Aragaki.

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