Starting Up OMG

I tried to start this up several years ago (Ray M. can attest to it) but never got it underway. OMG, or Okinawan Music Geeks, is a club I’ve been planning for fans of Okinawan music to share their collection (or newbies to get into the music/pop culture) and meet-up whether via chatting or IRL. I think it’s time to start talking about this again. I know I have many readers in South America so how about folks in North America (nifee for the New York folks from the last time ’round) or Hawaii? Want to help spread the Uchinaa love and talk about its music? Email me at karakuipress[at]gmail[dot]com or leave a comment here. It makes more sense to get it started in Hawaii since I’m based here but I appreciate email from anyone who’s interested in this.

3 thoughts on “Starting Up OMG”

  1. Great site. I’d like to know if you’re aware of, or would be interested, in an online explanation of what makes Okinawan musical traditions unique. I can ‘hear’ Okinawan music when I hear it, but I have difficulty explaining its history and traditions. Anyway, it’s something that I’d be interested in reading about.

  2. Nifee (thanks) Andrew. I did a little column for the May/June 2007 issue of the HUOA (Hawaii United Okinawa Association) newsletter, Uchinanchu, on O-pop. Check it out over here. (It’s pdf.)

    I’ll have a post up on the blog one of these days. 🙂

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