[Updated] Hitoe’s New Move: Yoga

Hitoe’s (26, ex-SPEED) official website from Avex hasn’t seen much action since 2005 now that her music career is on hiatus so I pulled the latest news on this talented artist from an entertainment site. While the other members of the group continue on with music-related careers (me, I’m in the hiro camp), Hitoe has been studying abroad in New York and gained her yoga license after eight months in the Big Apple. She’s currently an instructor teaching out of Shibuya. Yoga’s looking good… 😉

[Update] Vision Factory has links up: info on the yoga DVD over here and info on Hitoe’s yoga classes as well as pricing over here.

2 thoughts on “[Updated] Hitoe’s New Move: Yoga”

  1. Hi there, I’ve been waiting on my girl to come out with something new. I know she will do just fine with her new found career in Yoga…., but I also wish that she will still resume her singing career. Granted, the girl is extremely talented and I’ve been her biggist fan (here in the states) for about 9 years now.

    I know she will do just fine…can’t wait to see more of her face in the music industry.

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