melody. Takes It Up a Notch for 2007

She’s one of my favorite J-Pop artists and it looks like 2007 is going to be a big year for the Hawaii-born melody. With the release of her forthcoming single “Love Story” (video) looming ahead of us at the end of this month, melody.’s been busy as the VJ for an NHK music show called “J-MELO” (airs in the US via TV Japan). Here’s what it’s about (via the NHK site for the show):

J-MELO is NHK’s first ever Japanese music show recorded entirely in English for audiences around the world.

J-MELO features the latest, cutting edge developments in Japanese music, selections of hit songs, and diverse material from a wide-range of different genres including pop, rock, jazz and classical.

The program’s name, J-MELO, is a combination of “J” for Japan and “MELO”, an abbreviation of both “melody” and “mellow”.

I was lucky to catch the episode that featured J-Pop artist Beni Arashiro as the guest (#106) and hear both of them talk about their ties to Okinawa (I’ll write more on that in a future post to Karakui). The show is taking requests for artists you’d like to see appear on the show so be sure to make your voice heard!

On top of her VJ gig for NHK, melody. is also podcasting! She can be heard on a Yahoo! Podcast show called “melody.’s Oh! Kanchigai ENGLISH”. Here’s the lowdown on the show via melody.’s official site:

melody. introduces what is known as wasei-eigoh or katakana-eigoh, which are Japanese words constructed of elements of one or more English terms. These words are frequently used in Japan however, not all are correct English. Join melody. for an enjoyable program, as she clarifies the wasei-eigoh and katakana-eigoh that are correct, and which are not! Available to download for a limited time only, so don’t miss it!

YAHOO PODCAST melody.’s Oh! Kanchigai ENGLISH

YAHOO PODCAST melody.’s Oh! Kanchigai ENGLISH linked page

The first episode of the podcast just got underway on May 9th so go download it and don’t forget to subscribe to the feed too.

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