Listing of Artists Available for Purchase on iTunes (United States)

Here’s a list of artists from Okinawa (or with ties to Okinawa) whose music can be purchased on iTunes. You may find that some of the artists are listed twice at the store and they may be listed under a different genre so navigating the store can be quite difficult. (Please note that clicking on any of the below links will open iTunes.)

Beni Arashiro

Shoukichi Kina
Nenes “Kunjan Sabakui”
Rinken Band (Link 1)
Rinken Band (Link 2)
Tomoko Uehara

Alternative, Dance, Mixture, Punk, Rock
Bleach 03
ORANGE RANGE’s “Kirikirimai” from Fantastic Four – The Album
Ryukyu Underground (Link 1)
Ryukyu Underground (Link 2)
Takuji a.k.a. Geetek

The Rest
Keali’i Reichel’s “Ka Nohona Pili Kai”
Talvin Singh’s “O.K.”

Originally posted on and remixed over at several moons ago. I’ll keep this list updated and add it to Karakui’s Pages (you’ll find the links to our Pages on the sidebar).

The current list before you was last updated on May 7, 2006.

I welcome any links you may’ve discovered on iTunes and want to contribute to my list. Please leave a comment or email me at karakuipress[at]gmail[dot]com.

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