okinawaBBtv International

okinawaBBtv International

OkinawaBBtv has been a pretty nifty place on the web to get your Okinawa fix i.e., if you can read Japanese. (I’ve given them quite a bit of hits for their Miuta Taishou videos although they have yet to upload the artist I’m really waiting for, Akane Murayoshi.) And while the majority of their site is still in Japanese, they’re starting to focus a portion of the site to their English-language visitors over at okinawaBBtv International where you can find information on Sightseeing Spots, World Heritage, Karate, Uchinaguchi and a listing of hotels and inns.

Be sure to fill out the questionnaire by clicking on one of the link buttons under “Please give us your opinion” too. A shame that you’ll find good examples of Engrish in their questionnaire but hopefully they’ll correct those mistakes as their international visitors increase.

Nifee deebiru to Jane Serikaku (HUOA) for the link!

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