On Our Way to 2000

Whoa. Back in the beginning of February we announced that we were just one shy of 1000 hits and it’s just about a month later and we’re getting close to 2000. We’re already “testing” out a promotion that hasn’t received much feedback (I guess you’re about to win yourself another CD Ray) yet so let’s add another “test”: if by chance you see that the “Blog Stats” is at “2000 hits” (you’ll find it on the bottom, right hand side of the page) when you’re visiting Karakui, take a screenshot of it and email or leave a comment to the link to the screenshot image (upload it to say, Flickr or something similar) to karakuipress[at]gmail[dot]com. The prize for all that trouble? I’m not really sure yet. It may be a CD album or… 😉

3 thoughts on “On Our Way to 2000”

  1. so how do you do a screenshot image ????
    I’m still computer illiterate LOL

  2. so last night it was at 1983 and now its 2043, oh well haha, congradulations

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