Soundtrack for the Film ‘Koishikute’

Koishikute OST While we wait patiently for the film to start its run in Japan theaters (and pray for it to make it to US theaters), we can check out the “Koishikute” OST (original soundtrack) in the meantime. The 22-track OST (TECI-1154) will hit record store shelves on March 21, 2007 — before the film’s opening in April — and although it won’t be a greatest hits type of album (the film is about their BEGINnings [sorry, couldn’t help it] afterall), it looks to be quite an engaging soundtrack. Veteran vocalist (and she’s also in the film too) Sumiko Yoseyama is on the soundtrack with the songs “What a wonderful world” and “Seija no Koushin” (When The Saints Go Marchin’ In), and there are several other tracks performed by the actors in the film as well as other artists from Okinawa (I’m thinking mainly from Yaeyama tho’). At ¥2,500, they’ll probably sell a lot of ’em too. Oh, and in case you were wondering about the single for the film, BEGIN’s “Miifaiyuu” (TECI-111), it’s not on the soundtrack. 😦

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