Karakui Giveaway #1

Not sure how this’ll turn out but it’s all in the name of Okinawan pop culture yeah? We’re happy to announce that we have an album from J-Pop band The Boom to give away. If you’ve been into J-Pop in say, the last 10 years or so, then The Boom may’ve been your initiation into Okinawan pop music (O-Pop) with their mega-hit song “Shima Uta” — released back in 1992. Sorry to say that we’re not giving away the album (1992’s “Shishunki” and the self-titled album released in the same year) that has that song in it (but you should all have a version of it by now, right?) but their 1993 album “FACELESS MAN” which includes a shimauta-inspired song called “IT FEELS GOOD” (Track 1) and its remixed version, “IT FEELS GOOD (Moashibi) ∼ TOSHIN DOI” (Track 15). The CD album was given to me (so yeah, it’s used too) by a friend (thanks Nolan!) but because I already own it, I decided to give away my copy of it and keep his rather than have it sit and collect dust.

How to win the album? Simply leave a comment on this post with the name of your favorite artist (actor, musician) from Okinawa and we’ll pick one of you as our lucky winner.

4 thoughts on “Karakui Giveaway #1”

  1. Not actually entering the contest since i won the first one that you had 🙂
    but i really enjoy Ara Yukito & Parsha Club, and of course begin is a close second

  2. Ah Shoot’s I thought you were going to give a set of Karakui’s( tuning peg) away….LOL!…”Boom”… awsome group!

  3. I love Rinken Band! I have actually met Rinken. He used to come to my cafe sometimes and show us his pictures. I have been to his studio too.

  4. Is it true that you are going to give away??? (‘O’)
    the name of your favorite artist (actor, musician) from Okinawa?
    well, I like Gackt and Natsukawa Rimi. Both of them are from Okinawa right?
    (If I’m not mistaken ^^;>)

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