Karakui Giveaway #1

Not sure how this’ll turn out but it’s all in the name of Okinawan pop culture yeah? We’re happy to announce that we have an album from J-Pop band The Boom to give away. If you’ve been into J-Pop in say, the last 10 years or so, then The Boom may’ve been your initiation into Okinawan pop music (O-Pop) with their mega-hit song “Shima Uta” — released back in 1992. Sorry to say that we’re not giving away the album (1992’s “Shishunki” and the self-titled album released in the same year) that has that song in it (but you should all have a version of it by now, right?) but their 1993 album “FACELESS MAN” which includes a shimauta-inspired song called “IT FEELS GOOD” (Track 1) and its remixed version, “IT FEELS GOOD (Moashibi) ∼ TOSHIN DOI” (Track 15). The CD album was given to me (so yeah, it’s used too) by a friend (thanks Nolan!) but because I already own it, I decided to give away my copy of it and keep his rather than have it sit and collect dust.

How to win the album? Simply leave a comment on this post with the name of your favorite artist (actor, musician) from Okinawa and we’ll pick one of you as our lucky winner.


  1. Not actually entering the contest since i won the first one that you had 🙂
    but i really enjoy Ara Yukito & Parsha Club, and of course begin is a close second

  2. Ah Shoot’s I thought you were going to give a set of Karakui’s( tuning peg) away….LOL!…”Boom”… awsome group!

  3. I love Rinken Band! I have actually met Rinken. He used to come to my cafe sometimes and show us his pictures. I have been to his studio too.

  4. Is it true that you are going to give away??? (‘O’)
    the name of your favorite artist (actor, musician) from Okinawa?
    well, I like Gackt and Natsukawa Rimi. Both of them are from Okinawa right?
    (If I’m not mistaken ^^;>)

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