DotW: Rinken Band’s ‘Party (Rinken Band Best)’

Rinken Band “Party”

Artist: Rinken Band
Album: “Party (Rinken Band Best)”
Record Label: Sony Records
Catalog #: SRCL-4369
Year: 1998


  1. Medetai Medetai
  2. Tinchi
  3. Umi tu Shima
  4. Sakiyodanu Niiri
  5. Nindaran
  6. Murika Muchibushi
  7. Yuntakutakutaku
  8. Yuu Yuu Yuu ∼You You You∼
  9. Naa
  10. Pon Pon Pon
  11. Yooi Yoi
  12. Hitotsu Boshi (Orchestra Version)
  13. Beach Party
  14. Mura Ichiban no Happy Joy
  15. Hatasugashii
  16. Tattaueeki
  17. Nachi nu Fwa
  18. Tin nu Kagan
  19. Kugani Michibushi

Judging by the brief English language Wikipedia entry (yeah, I’ll join in one of these days) on Rinken Band, the music-loving world outside of Japan may not be too familiar with the group that I’ll proclaim as one of the greatest O-Pop (Okinawan, Uchinaa Pop) acts to come out of Okinawa. They’ve been releasing CD albums for two decades (1987’s “Arigatou” is our starting point) and a few of their albums are even available for download at the iTunes Store at a very reasonable price of US $9.99 per album (whereas a physical copy will cost you around double or triple that)! In the grand scheme of things, well, as far as the group’s discography goes, “Party” is not their only best-of album — it covers the period of recordings between 1992 to 1997 — as they would later release “Qing-dahmi” in 2000 and “URIZUN” in 2003. There’s word that they may perform at this year’s 25th annual Okinawan Festival at Kapiolani Park (HUOA) — we’ll have more on that as the date (or confirmation) draws closer.

2 thoughts on “DotW: Rinken Band’s ‘Party (Rinken Band Best)’”

  1. yea i paid triple the amount in okinawa a while back 😦
    if i only new i got almost all of rinken bands cds, talk about spending some money

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