Yu Yamada’s Next Single to be CM Song for Kanebo

Ever heard of a J-Pop group by the name of Y’z factory? I have, but I won’t blame you for having not heard of them. The singer from that trio that you should know about is 22-year-old Yu Yamada who is slowly making her way around the Japanese entertainment biz. We’ve seen her model for the fashion magazine CanCam, star in J-Dramas like “Satomi Hakkenden” (which aired in Hawaii on KIKU-TV earlier this year), and now she’s coming to our iPods with the upbeat dance song “REAL YOU”. The forthcoming release of her 2nd single (as a solo performer), “EYES ON ME” (March 7, 2007), will also be her first CM (commercial) song for a Kanebo cosmetic product called Raycious. Keep your eye on that link because it looks like we’ll be able to watch the CM soon and there’s also a Download link which I think will be for a desktop and/or screensaver. [Via nikkansports.com.]

[Update: Yu just blogged about it. 🙂 ]

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