Rimi Natsukawa to Go Independent!

Phew, just got home from practice, took a much needed shower and I see this bit of news waiting for me to read in my newsreader. Not sure how major this bit of news will be to most readers out there but to me, this is pretty big. Rimi Natsukawa (33), who will take a break from entertaining as of April of this year, announced her plans to go independent due to conflicts of interest with her record label (she’s [was?] currently signed to Victor Entertainment). As an independent, Rimi will seek out music that she wants to do — her music, on her terms. An interesting side note to this story, her latest single “Furusato” (VICL-36214), written by J-Pop star Noriyuki Makihara, just hit store shelves on the 7th of this month and is the theme song for the TBS drama “Fukumaru”. I’ll write more on this as the story unfolds. [Via nikkansports.com.]

1 thought on “Rimi Natsukawa to Go Independent!”

  1. its good news for me too. can’t wait to see what she comes out with but i hope it won’t be too hard to get her new albumns

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