Yuji Nakae’s ‘Koishikute’ Trailer Now Online

Koishikute Film Trailer Perhaps the most anticipated film of 2007 for Okinawa movie fans is “Koishikute”, directed by Yuji Nakae (“Hotel Hibiscus”, “Nabbie’s Love”), and based on the early days of J/O-Pop super group BEGIN. You can now view the trailer of the film (kudos to them for making it available on Apple’s superb QT format too) on the official website and the film opens nationwide in Japan during GW (read: let’s make this a blockbuster!). The trailer is also a great way to hear the group’s forthcoming single and the theme song of the film, “Miifaiyuu” (Imperial Records), which hits stores on the 7th of this month. And those of you who’re into film soundtracks will be happy to know that it’ll be released on March 21, 2007. (It’s worth noting that Japanese film/televsion soundtracks tend to not include the single(s) in them.)

2 thoughts on “Yuji Nakae’s ‘Koishikute’ Trailer Now Online”

  1. I think there’s a good chance too because they picked up “Hotel Hibiscus”. Let’s cross our fingers on this one. 😀

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