DotW: Ayano Uema’s ‘Negaiboshi’

Ayano Uema’s ‘Negaiboshi’

Artist: Uema, Ayano
Album: “Negaiboshi”
Record Label: BCY Nnarufon
Catalog #: 20NCD-52
Year: 2006


  1. Tabitatsu Tomo e
  2. Negaiboshi
  3. Ippee no Hana
  4. Tetsu no Tori
  5. Hanazumi Tisaji
  6. Omatsuri Musume no Kachaashii
  7. Eisaa Nagashi
  8. Mikazuki no Yoru ni

It’s hard not to hear about Ayano’s beauty in interviews and as a testament to that fact, the CD-insert booklet for “Negaiboshi” — the utasaa’s (minyou singer) debut album — contains many pics of her. Ayano, born on Okinawa in 1985, began her sanshin studies during her second year in elementary school. By her first year in middle school, she received her shinjinshou (think of it as a newcomer award) for the Ryuukyuu Minyou Kyoukai (name of the organization) Konkuuru (contest). I first heard about Ayano during her stint in the Tooru Yonaha produced album — one of my favorites of the year — “Yonaha Tooru Presents Uchinaa Warabe Uta” (which is, fantastically, on sale at the iTunes Store) which included female utasaa contemporaries Mika Uchizato and Natsuki Nakamura. An interesting note in regards to “Negaiboshi” is that Ayano penned both lyrics and music for the first two album tracks, “Tabitatsu Tomo e” and “Negaiboshi”. She also shares songwriting credits for “Tetsu no Tori” (music) and “Mikazuki no Yoru ni” (lyrics). Overall, the album is a pretty solid debut although I see it more as an O-Pop (that’s short for Okinawan pop folks) release rather than a Shimauta one and maybe that’s where her strength lies. My favorite on the album? Track 7, “Eisaa Nagashi”, a medley of popular eisaa songs. If you’re into listening to podcasts like yours truly is, I highly recommend downloading (I would say subscribe to but they haven’t updated in awhile) the 4/27/06 and 4/28/06 episodes of the fantastic Tsukasa to Yoshiko no Shimauta Fairu.

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