Begin-ing to Release Albums Again (Kind of)

Our favorite O-Pop group from Yaeyama, BEGIN, is back as a trio after taking a break and taking on solo/side projects. October 2006’s single “Sanshin no Hana” (TECI-109) marked their return as a group and in 2007 they’ll go on tour, see the release of their autobiographical movie “Koishikute” (the theme song to the film, “Miifaifyuu” [TECI-110], is set to be released on February 7, 2007), and a new album (kind of). While it’s not an original full-album but rather a cover album called “Sanshin no Hana Utagassen” (TECI-1152), it’s a new release nonetheless. The album will feature four (NOSE WATER, Orange Clover, SOUNDER BIRDS and Born ti Cafta.) of the group’s kouhai from Yaeyama and will be released to the wild on March 7, 2007.


  1. cool, hope to be able to hear it if not buy it when it comes out, not to many places here in hawaii anymore huh

    happy new year

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