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Web: Japan Update launches, a guide to Okinawa

Japan Update recently launched a new website that they bill as a guide to Okinawa called OkiStyle. So far, they only have information for housing in Okinawa so it’ll be exciting to see the other things they come up with for the site. OkiStyle Follow them on Twitter too: @japanupdate.

Web: Ryukyu Golden Kings

I came across this website by accident while reading the latest Japanese baseball news from Japan Times and of course, it was the name of the team that caught my eye: Ryukyu Golden Kings (琉球ゴールデンキングス), a professional basketball team. I think their logo is rather cool too and will surely be picking up a t-shirt … Continue reading

Asoviva: Resort Instrument Factory

Jeremy over at was nice enough to contact us to share links and of course, we said yes! We’ve actually blogged about their other website awhile back (there’s also a commenter to the post who had ordered from them) so it’s nice to hear that they’ve created an English-language website too. I like it … Continue reading

Web: The Power of Okinawa

I’m happy to share John Potter’s wonderful website, The Power of Okinawa. John is the author of the book The Power of Okinawa: Roots Music from the Ryukyus, which I purchased 9 years ago (released in October 2001) and I’m happy to hear that he’s released a 2nd edition which has been “extensively revised, expanded … Continue reading

Web: oki yo!

Introducing “oki yo! foregoing the real world on Okinawa.” From their intro page: Two cousins embark on a mission to research the music and culture of the motherland: Okinawa Island, Japan. One a recent high-school graduate in search of like-minded Okinawan indie rockers, one a not-so-recent college graduate in search of the native cultural roots … Continue reading

Introducing’s kunkunshi database

Upon hearing of’s kunkunshi database my first thought was “cool, there’s finally a website that makes available kunkunshi for all to enjoy.” But, alas, the website is actually a database for existing kunkunshi books. Still, it’s a great way to search for a song to find out which kunkunshi book it’s in to save … Continue reading

KunKun4 Editor – Simple Sanshin Source

Wow, this is pretty cool. KunKun4 Editor is a Flash-based Web app that lets you create your own kunkunshi to be saved to your PC or emailed to a friend. I played around with it a little and it seems to work very well. (Via Simple Sanshin Source.)

Web: starts a sanshin forum

If you’ve ever had a question about the sanshin now you have an outlet in the form of’s new forum. Discuss away! Also check out Simple Sanshin Source for a lot of great info on playing the sanshin. (Via Simple Sanshin Source.)