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KunKun4 Editor Screencast

Here’s a screencast for’s KunKun4 Editor. I found a few things that don’t seem to be working yet (e.g. emailing kunkunshi, playback, formatting) but overall, this is an awesome tool available on the Web. Enjoy! (I also have the screencast up on Vimeo.)

And this, my friends, is what the Web is all about

Visit YouTube user tauezato‘s “Pops Sanshin Class” channel to view more videos like this (the song is BEGIN’s “Shimanchu nu Takara”). It’s a great way to learn songs since he shoots a closeup of his fingering on the sanshin. Couple this with Taruu’s Shimauta Majime na Kenkyuu blog for lyrics to Okinawan songs are you’re … Continue reading

Website: Simple Sanshin Source

Simple Sanshin Source is “an English-based guide to the Okinawan sanshin” that features kunkunshi (sheet music), lyrics, and tips by Kenji, a self-taught sanshin enthusiast. Given that I haven’t been very good at updating Three Strings, Simple Sanshin Source looks to be the online place to learn about the sanshin. There’s also a YouTube channel … Continue reading

Tutorial: Changing sanshin strings

Our second video tutorial! Yay! Today we go through changing those well-worn strings on your sanshin with brand new, curly-curly ones. Be sure to check out our growing (with two!) Video Page for more. ;)

Tutorial: Tuning your sanshin, Part 1

When something gets requested here enough times, we’ll do our best to get it to you. So here it is, our first video tutorial on tuning your sanshin. Be sure to check out our “Tuning Your Sanshin” page for more info. I’ll also have it up for download — at a better quality than streaming … Continue reading