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Less than 500 hits to 20,000!

We’re heading to the 20,000 hit mark much faster than expected and as much as a happy sign that is, I’m much happier to see that the current Top Click is from my “Show your support” post. (I’ve included it in this post [down below] in its entirety to keep the petition going to reach … Continue reading

On the Eve of Karakui’s 10,000th Hit

Last checked we were about two shy of 10,000 hits! I’m planning to do something special for it but haven’t decided on just what that will be yet. In the meantime, *ahem* check out my O-pop article from the Uchinanchu newsletter online at the HUOA website (in pdf).

9,000 Hits!

I kinda skipped over announcing 7,000 and 8,000 and now we’re at 9,000 hits! Whoa. We’ve been reaching about a 1,000 or so hits a month so we’re ahead of schedule. Now I really gotta start thinking of something to do for our 10,000th hit. Nifee (thanks) for visiting! :D

6,000 Hits!

Wow. We’re at 6,000+ hits and averaging about 1,000 hits a month. Nifee (thanks) for visiting!

8 More Hits and We’re at 5,000!!!

Since starting this blog up in earnest from January 2007 we’ve been receiving at least 1,000 hits a month! While it’s not in the same league as say, a J-pop blog, 1,000 hits is pretty swell for a blog about Okinawan music and pop culture. I want to make 5,000 special (some how) so I’ll … Continue reading

4,000 and Counting

Wow, 4,000 hits came in a flash! Nifee (Okinawan for ‘thanks’) for visiting everyone! I’ll be doing something special when we reach the 5,000 hits mark so stay tuned! :)